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In Sneek, Post Logistics has an 8-metre high storage installation. 

Post Logistics regards itself as an extension of your organisation. Nowadays, we even mean that literally, given our new 25.25 metre vehicle combinations!

Because that is exactly the length of our new LZVs. We were recently certified to deploy these LZVs on the public roads. LZVs are longer and heavier LGVs that can reach a total length of 25.25 metres and weigh up to 60 tons. For fuel alone, an LZV generates savings of ± 30 % over conventional LGV combinations. They are a super-efficient means of transport that also reduce the burden on the environment and on the road network. Needless to say, our LZVs are very suitable for transporting long loads, but they are also ideal for volume and pallet transport. Several of our combinations have been fitted to transport valuables.

At present, LZVs are permitted only in the Benelux and unfortunately not in any other countries. Needless to say, the use of these extra-large vehicle combinations requires a separate logistical planning schedule. The combinations are not designed for small roads with sharp bends and they are certainly not suitable for use in historic inner-city streets. They are ideal, however, for longer routes and for large cargoes, and could even be called the epitome of transport efficiency.
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