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Transport is really nothing more than the movement of goods from A to B and possibly vice versa.

However, transport becomes much less straightforward when fuel costs and regulations related to driving hours and permits must be taken into account. Not to mention the safety of drivers and of other road users and, of course, the safety of the cargo.

The need for up-to-date geographical knowledge, a practical understanding of LGV technology, the ability to plan meticulously to ensure punctuality, familiarity with the many requirements to be met when transporting very different types of goods, and the capacity to make accurate and explicit calculations: the modern transport sector is no longer as clear-cut as it used to be. Quite the contrary, in fact.

On the other hand, the more complicated a specialist area, the more opportunities there are to specialise and excel. Post Logistics is certified to transport explosive substances (ADR 1); we can also offer air-conditioned transport, and with our loading ramps and loading frames we can efficiently load and unload any cargo, always and everywhere. So we are already specialised, whether we excel is for others to decide. What do you think?
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