We frequently drive for companies that operate nationally and internationally


We like to work together with companies that are just as customer-oriented as we are.

Not all of our regular customers wanted us to publish their names on this page and we understand and respect their wishes.

A number of companies have no problem with this and we will name some of them to show that we are versatile and are willing and able – and qualified – to transport all kinds of products. Including items or substances that require special conditions, such as a specific transport temperature or safety measures, or that must satisfy other requirements.

We are even authorised to transport explosive substances (cat. ADR I). We should emphasise that this is a random list of references. If your company is not included, it does not mean that we value your custom less than that of other clients. It is just not possible to be totally exhaustive and up-to-date.

We frequently drive for companies that operate nationally and internationally, such as Imperial Tobacco, Douwe Egberts, Akzo, A&R Carton, Fiets-O-Fit (import/wholesale) and Grain Plastics. But again, this list is far from exhaustive. We treat all of our clients as regular customers and serve them accordingly.
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