We frequently drive for companies that operate nationally and internationally 


We are certified to transport explosive substances

As our regular customers have learned from experience, there are no limits to the services that we provide.

What’s more, we never shy away from working on Sundays or to staying up all night. Our drivers are committed, responsible, well-prepared and trained to perform well even in exceptional situations.

If our clients so desire, we are happy to advertise for them on our vehicles. Our LGVs then turn into mobile mega-billboards that advertise your brand name or message nationally or internationally. In such cases, our drivers never forget that they are driving on your behalf. They conduct themselves properly at all times, and act as gentlemen in traffic.

In Hungary, we operate from our own distribution centre and work together with transporters that have been carefully selected for their proven good mentality and quality. It is they who provide the finely-meshed transport to the villages and the historic inner-city areas that we cannot realise with our large LGV combinations. In other countries in Central Europe, we work closely together with agents who know the ins and outs of the various regions. 
In Sneek, we have 6500 m2 of storage space that we are happy to make available to our clients. We can store your products in racks or in bulk. We also offer the following options:

- pallet storage and processing
- container stripping
- stock management, storage control
- transhipment and order picking
- stacking
- wrapping
- packaging or repackaging
- labelling.

We are happy to act as an extension of your organisation and to look after your logistical interests as if they were our own.
And that includes our warehouse services.  
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