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We are an extension of your organisation

Post Logistics specialises in pallet transport rather than in bulk or mixed cargo. We also have certain geographical restrictions.

We regard the entire Benelux and northern France as our ‘home’, from where we maintain transport lines to Central and Eastern Europe. On the map of Europe, Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic and Slovakia − but also Hungary − hold no surprises for us. We are very aware of all the peculiarities and special conditions in these countries and we are familiar with all the local holidays and highways and the byways in the entire region.

Another of our specialities is the transport of hazardous substances, but we also transport fireworks (ADR 1), food, luxury goods, machines and computers, for example. The transport of valuables? That is no problem for us with our extra-secure vehicles. We know how to handle everything – after all, we do it every day. We are well acquainted with the specific transport conditions for a wide range of products. Our workforce is a logical and practical mix of Dutch and foreign drivers, every one of them well trained. 
But our greatest specialisation and the attribute we are most proud of is our flexibility.
We can improvise, we can make quick decisions and we can switch smoothly from one activity to another− not just because our lines are so short, but also because we are an enterprising and committed company. And because we can place ourselves in your shoes, we always act in your interests and to your advantage. Any time, any place and under any conditions.

As professional logistical service providers, we see ourselves as an extension of your organisation. A logical extension, we believe, because we act in your interests – just as you yourself would do. Would you like to watch a short corporate film that shows exactly what we can do for you? Click here for the Post Movie!  
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